Monday, 31 July 2017


Vile bundle of hate Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen John Zion-Lennon, attacked a bunch of Celtic fans at a book-signing in Sunderland yesterday.

Robinson, self-named after the gollywog on jam jars, repeatedly beat one fan round the face with his 2000-page hardback volume My Struggle....for Israel screaming 'Who's the daddy?' He then turned on the other shocked Scotsmen, who were quietly enjoying a glass of Drambuie.

It is thought Robinson deliberately targetted the city of Sunderland for the book signing due to its close proximity to Glasgow, where he could taunt and aggress the peaceful Celtic fans, who also happen to be anti-fascists.

One of the fans, Jock O'Shay, said, 'Aye, there we were just discussing the greatest Scottish sportsman Jocky Wilson's anti-fascism over a wee dram, when Tommy jumped up from his table and whacked wee Jimmy round the back of the heed wia book.'

But Tommy pleaded, 'They attacked my book signing and called me a wee jessie for being able to read and write. They also shouted anti-Semitic slogans and denied the Holocaust™. I have always lived my life for the protection of Israel.'

Yet Professor Schlomo Schleimstein of the Department of Goyim Studies at Tel Aviv University said, 'Ve haf nossing to do wiz zis raaacist Goy √úntermensch. Srow him to ze lions!' Tommy Robinson is said to be 'shocked' and 'distraught' at this news.

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