Thursday, 20 July 2017


It is with some sadness that we at the Dairy Male have learned of the tragic suicide of Nu-Metal singing sensation Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. His brave yet fated sword battle with depression has been well documented elsewhere, his chronic moping-about probably all starting with him being lumbered with a prescription for National Health Service 'jam-jar-bottom problem-glasses', or something.

 Yet, it is with far, far greater sadness that we have learned of the passing of Austrian Prog-Rock legend Lumpy Welt aged 72 on the very same day.

Famed as the front man and electric-trombonist of 1970s Prog-Rock band Jism, Lumpy was lauded as a pioneer of both the Cosmic Twaddle and Distorted Scat genres of music.

Their seminal albums The Silence In Your Brain and A Punch Up The Guts were the two biggest selling records in Antwerp in the years between 1968-1984.

A spokesman for his family said he died peacefully in the early hours of Thursday morning after developing complications from his latest round of surgery in his decades-long battle against genital warts.

He will be sorely missed not only by his loved ones but by music fans, independent pharmaceutical vendors and middle-aged strumpets the world over.

KatzeAngriff records will be releasing a 3 CD compilation of the best of his 27 post-Jism solo-albums later this month entitled Get It While It's Lumpy as a tribute to his life's work and talent.

Keep on rocking Lumpy, you crazy arsehole.
We are also somewhat sorry to hear about the other chap.

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