Saturday, 15 July 2017


The blows came in thick and fast in this epic encounter between the immortal Conor MacLeod McGregor and Lloyd Mayflower Jr. Early in the contest, McGregor hit Maypole with a heavy book, which stunned Fairweather with its complicated vocabulary and was deemed a low blow by referee and father Lloyd Carlweathers Sr.

Melville's Moby Dick left Mayflower all at sea

'Throwin da booklearnin shit at me like dat, it done show dat dat muthafuckin honky cracka be a rayciss,' Gayleather said. This rally late in the contest was not enough trouble McGregor though, who threatened sexual intercourse with every black woman in response, which floored Gaylover face down on the canvass, laying prostrate with his backside in the air close to MacGregor's fist. Haythether recovered before the ten-count and will not require gender reassignment surgery.

The judges later scored the contest at 97-85 98-82 and 96-83 IQ points all in the favour of winner Conor MacLeod McGregor, who then beheaded Greyheather and stole his power. It is unclear as to whether Sayblather will be able to come back from this.

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