Wednesday, 19 July 2017


Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has called the actions of Somali pirate US cop Mohamed Noor 'inexplicable'.


Noor, who had previously captured a freight ship captained by Tom Hanks, shot blonde Australian woman Justine Damond, who was not wearing a hijab, while on duty in Minaretapolis on Saturday. Officer Noor had been called out by Ms Damond to investigate a possible sexual assault and it is thought Noor shot Ms Damond in disappointment, although it is important to remember that Officer Noor did not shout Allahu Akhbar, which makes the killing okay.

Ms Damond was also very probably a white supremacist and was in her pyjamas when the incident occurred, so she obviously wasn't a full shilling. Indeed, her website lists her as a 'qualified yoda instructor, a personal health and life coach and meditation teacher.' So, very flaky then.

We must also remember that six million Black African American American latter-day saints are killed by police every single day, like Philando Castile (pictured), who was killed by police in a different city a year ago, but needs to be remembered instead of Justine Damond.

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