Saturday, 29 July 2017


A white Palestinian from the United Arab Emirates, who was refused asylum in Germany because of racism, stabbed seven people, one fatally, in Hamburg yesterday. But police spokesgenderneutralperson Andy Grote has told everyone not to worry, as 'He was known as an Islamist and not a Jihadist.'

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Indeed, it is important to remember that an Islamist is not as bad as a Jihadist, but much much worse than a Muslim, who are in fact very peaceful. Muslims continue to integrate into Western liberal values like freedom of speech and extremists on the Far Right suggesting otherwise will be rightly prosecuted.

The normally peaceful man known only as Ahmad A also had psychological problems and the reason he went on his mission of peace remains unknown.

In other news, Far Right terrorists caused extreme psychological harm to several members of the Muslim transgender community with a sharp meme. Mother Merkel said she would be investigating this hateful terrorist attack.

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