Sunday, 30 July 2017


US President Donald Parp has sensationally fired General Reince Priebus as part of his ban on transgender persons in the military.

Kelly Malony has nothing to do with this article

Parp thanked Priebus for his long service, but added, 'Reince is too faggoty a name for my military machine of elite Wehrmacht and SS divisions. I have therefore had no choice but to replace him with a man named Kelly.'
The whole incident began when the dwarf bard Scaramouche cast aspertions about Reince's masculinity and the general defied custom and expectation by not kicking the living shit out of the midget. President Parp showed restraint by not executing Reince for faggotry.

General Kelly thanked President Parp for his faith in him and stated that he plans to save the US military millions of dollars by not undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

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