Friday, 4 August 2017


Semi-wog knob jockey Northern Ireland Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has declared the NI border will be like his anal cavity after Brexit: often penetrated.
Varadkar Top Right

'The border will be as porous as my underpants,' he stated. 'Immigration is a gift,' he continued, 'like AIDS.' 
He will also be attending the Belfast Gay Pride event on Saturday, after attending the event in Dublin in June. Asked if he would be wearing the same latex body suit with nipple clamps, he replied,'I will be sporting a conservative little number consisting of a black leather mankini and thigh-length stiletto boots.'
In other news, four policemen who used a police helicopter to spy on people having sex have been cleared of misconduct. South Yorkshire Police officers Matthew Lucas, 42 and Lee Walls, 47, and pilots Matthew Loosemore, 45 and Malcolm Reeves, 64, had all denied misconduct in a public office.
'There are no perverts in the police, government or BBC,' a spokesthingy said.

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