Thursday, 30 November 2017


North Africa is celebrating the 170th anniversary of the Ottoman decree under British pressure that brought slavery to an end in the region by selling Negroes into slavery.


Unlike the hand-wringing and self-flaggellation we saw in Britain during the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the British Empire, the Libyan Arabs celebrated the liberation of North African slaves by holding a competition to see whose pet Negro could carry the heaviest breeze blocks, with the creative entrant above winning first prize.

Some groups on the extreme right have called it cruel, showing their lack of understanding of other cultures. Yet slave master Muhammad al-Floggim was adamant that slavery was the best thing since fried chicken for the Negro. 'It gives them work and structure and you should see their little faces light up when they're fitted with a new collar,' he beamed.

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  1. Importation of non-Europeans was obviously a terrible idea no matter what, but when the supposedly worst ever slavery in the world and all history (so much so that all White people around the world for all time must be attacked for it even if they have no ancestors involved in it) that happened within in the USA slaves cost the modern equivalent of a luxury car, so were something you would be motivated to look after. The new modern slavery run by diversity for diversity, thanks to lefty intervention sparking this entrepreneurial spirit has made a buyer's market where you can purchase one for around 30 bucks. Possibly less if you don't mind a bad leg or the teeth don't check out. "Rented mule" would probably describe the best they can hope for in treatment. Somehow Whitey will be to blame for it though, even if it is a brown hand holding the whip. Somehow Whitey will need to pay money for it and send in military to "bring freedoms".