Tuesday, 28 November 2017


The SJW whose gender we cannot assume as female (for various reasons) has reboarded the N-train after a commuter whose race we cannot assume as Negro blaxplained to her that manspreading was normal, resulting in both parties having thick lips.


Professional social justice warrior Sam Saia's white privilege and racism rose to the surface after years of repression when she criticised a random man, who may have identified as black, for the way he was sitting. The man treated her to the black experience by swelling her lips, saving her thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery and make-up as per Rachel Dolezal and Martina Big.

The train, however, was full of white supremacists, who came to Saia's aid, and White hispanic Nazi Victor Conde threw the helpless ethnic minority off the train.

Saia has now started riding the N-train again and zhe still continues to criticise zher victim, stating, 'No mutha-fucking nigger's going to frighten me off the nigger-train! If I want to take the nigger-train, I will! And no nigger better manspread either!'

Our reporters did not have the heart to tell her that the N in N-train stands for New York Subway Service and not nigger, for fear for their own safety.

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