Wednesday, 29 November 2017


President McDonalds J Parp has sensationally retweeted videos made by far-right Zionist multiculturalist Nazi donation collectors British Thirst, prompting speculation that Trump is indeed literally Hitler and wants to gas his own daughter.

The anti-Muslim videos, which show Muslims peacefully spreading the word of Allah by throwing people off buildings, are being used to radicalise young innocent Britons into far-right activities like not wanting to be thrown off buildings and donating to Jewish lobby groups. 

It is the latest gaffe in a series by President Parp of late. On Monday, he offended Native American Americans in America by claiming World War II was started by the Disney character Pocahontas. He has since apologised and offered beads, trinkets and firewater to Indian chiefs as a symbol of peace and vowed never to hunt buffalo in their Las Vegas casinos.

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