Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Social justice groups have been left enraged after a boat full of refugee children barely out of their teens was eaten by racist sharks during a rescue operation off the coast of Libya.

The racist Daily Mail has reported the child refugees as 'migrants', the great white sharks as blue sharks and also probably misgendered everyone concerned. But we at the Dairy Male are proud to say there is nothing great about white sharks, who ought to be ashamed of their history of racial violence and slaughter.

31 child refugees from Africa were eaten, but 200 were saved - it is thought from a life of slavery.

Their makeshift dinghy sank after one of the children's lips burst on a fried chicken bone and a rescue operation was mounted, but not before the sharks moved in, drawn by the scent of fried chicken and watermelon.

Asked if he was concerned about the growing number of great white supremacist groups, Steven Spielberg kvetched, 'Oy vey, it's been like anovvah Holocaust since Trump was elected. The Russians are breeding these nigger-hunting supersharks now. But don't worry, because I'll be rebooting the Jaws franchise to promote awareness and combat these Nazis.'

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  1. Great article. A thousand times more sophisticated than anything in The Guardian, The Times, etc. Keep the articles coming.