Friday, 9 March 2018


Two of the biggest members in the nationalist donation-collection group British Thirst have been jailed for waving crosses in a menacing manner and calling people rude names.


Paul Golding (36) and Jayda Fransen (32) were jailed for 18 weeks and 36 weeks respectively for hatecrimes for walking near mosques with signs and stuff.

Local imam Mekem al Halal wept as he told The Dairy Male how the pair left him on the brink of suicide. 'I had the bombs and everything to blow myself up. When the police found them and accused me of being a terrorist threat, I was forced to reveal all. I felt ashamed and humiliated.' 
He also spoke candidly about how British Thirst's actions had led him down the path to child grooming. 'I reverted back to a state of childhood innocence as an escape from reality. I was also sexually abused as a child by racists,' he said, crying on his psychotherapist Saul Grossman's shoulder.

Golding and Fransen attempted to deny they were evil racists in court, pointing to the love they had for Jews in particular, but the prosecution led by Isaac Mandelson soon broke through their lies by getting the assembled media to boo them incessantly.
Board of Deputies vice-chairthingy Ruby Goldsilverman said, 'While we obviously thank Mr Golding and Ms Fransen for shilling for us for all these years and raising over £6,000,000 for Israel, we also felt that their resistance to inclusion and diversity was inherently racist and therefore anti-Semitic.'
Paul Golding was too busy picking up the soap to be contacted.

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