Saturday, 17 February 2018


White supremist Alt Right Donald Trump Republican-supporting neo-Nazi KKK activist Cheddar Man was responsible for the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, it has emerged.

Cheddar, aged 9000 and originally from Britain, allegedly attacked Blamerican and Hispanic schoolkids to reclaim America for Great Britain, leading to fears about immigrants coming from Europe. Close to six million persons of colour died in the attack at the high school on Wednesday, which was carried out using an AR-15 assault rifle popular with people on the right.

Judeo-Semitic spokesnonbinarypersonage Nikolas Cruz said, 'We need more people coming from Mexico and Africa to reduce the crime rates in this country.' Cruz is a fourth-generation Holocaust™ survivor and sees many links between the shooting, white South African farmers and Nazis.

'We also need to confiscate all white people's guns, knives, cars and spoons so that our children can go to school safely,' he added, rubbing his hands vigorously.

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  1. I am shocked and disgusted. I, for one, will never again purchase or consume "colored chedder" again. I'm all for tolerance but clearly lactose intolerance is needed to save us all from this menace.