Thursday, 15 February 2018


The two artists responsible for the new bust of Cheddar Man have been charged with racial hatred. Dutch brothers Alfons and Andrie Kennis have been accused by African British leaders of both caricaturisation and of 'whitewashing' Black British history.

The duo were charged after Blactivist and deputy vice-grip of the  Equalities Commission Darcus Blacstard told police that the artwork represented a 'crude and deformed caricature of some kind of sexually ambiguous Black Male.' Professor Amram Goldshekel was on hand to help him through the more challenging vocabulary and added, 'Since when have you seen a Black African Ancient Briton with blue eyes? Clearly Adolfus and and Adolfo Kennis are whitewashing history.'

The brothers attempted to defend their artwork, stating, 'We were just carrying out orders. Dr Yoan Dickmann told us how he looked and we just made the model. It looks a lot better than the scientists working on the Cheddar Man project.' The brothers will now also rightly be charged with anti-Semitism.

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  1. The best that they can do is to claim (with very tenuous links) that the people they are inviting in are like literal cave men that you left behind in evolution long ago. I love it.