Saturday, 2 December 2017


Anti-Fascist groups were greatly concerned last night by the appearance of a giant sun cross in the sky over Vemdalen in Sweden, with some Jews calling it 'anuvva Shoah'.

Sweden has been a hotbed of fascism with the population deliberately having children with blond hair and blue eyes in line with Hitler's vision of a master race. We tried to contact Barbara Lerner Spectre, the director of Jewish Studies institute Paideia in Sweden, but found she had mysteriously burned to a crisp.

Other Jewish groups fear the spread of this symbol of hate. The US Anti-Defamation League has called for President McDonalds J Parp to blot out the sun in response to this symbol of white supremacy. 'I'm sure this can be achieved by increasing smog through pollution,' said George Soros, rubbing his hands vigorously.

Symbol of evil: a representation of the sun

 The Board of Deputies of British Jews, however, advocated more radical action. 'We must sacrifice a goychild to Yahweh through cabbalistic ritual that may unfortunately involve some cannibalism and molestation,' said Lord Greville Britten. 'A typical Saturday then, really,' he added chuckling.

Britten's words have drawn criticism from Far Right Nazis, but this has been dismissed as anti-Semitism by politicians including Theresa May, who added that the symbol was proof that nature is evil and racist and must be destroyed.

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  1. *Nervous hand rubbing commences*

    This must be what you hope for when you pull back the curtain on "Dracula". Maybe the higher powers do give less subtle hints to their people sometimes.