Monday, 4 December 2017


Anti-Semitic, homophobic racist Milo Yiannopoulos has hit Australia with his "Jingle Jangle of Shekels" tour just in time for Christmas. 

The racist Alt Right has rehabilitated Milo after his negrophilia and paedophilia scandal (see photo above), which left even some BBC personalities, Hollywood moguls and government officials saying he had 'gone too far.'

We at the Dairy Male, however, respect his right to free speech and particularly to charge listeners what some describe as exorbitant fees for hearing him. We respect his Christmas spirit, even though he himself doesn't celebrate Christmas, in offering a reduction on backstage passes from $1495 down to a mere $495. That's an amazing $1000 off!

VIP Meet and Greet tickets cost only $295 and include a signed photo and brief conversation in which Milo guarantees at least two jokes about feminists. "It's okay to be white" t-shirts are available at a modest price from the very man who invented the slogan.*

Some Alt Right Nazis have attempted to link the price of tickets with his ethnicity, but we at the Dairy Male say this shows just how generous people like Milo are. 

*Legal disclaimer: T-shirts may be sold via a third person.

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  1. I'd imagine a "backstage pass" costs about one shot of vodka if you meet him in in a club or you ask him if he has seen your parents anywhere.