Friday, 8 December 2017


Jewish-owned company that researches people's genetic ancestry 23andMe have complained about customers' anti-Semitism after 23andMe added fake African results to White European tests to "screw with racists".

"It's like anoddah Shoah," declared 23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki in a shrill Ashkenazi shriek. "Customers are demading refunds, which is obviously anti-Semitic. I cry not for the money, but for humanity." A single tear rolled down from one of her bulging eyes as she spoke.

"The fact that White Europeans are upset about the admixture in their results only goes to prove their racism," she reasoned, clutching a copy of the Talmud. "More needs to be done to combat White Supremacy."

It is estimated that approximately 6,000,000 results have been tampered with, although this figure may be revised with the permission of Jewish lobby groups.

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  1. My instincts were right again. I've learned to trust them more as I get older. They aren't as tainted by modernity as conscious thought. I got a whiff of rats from this corporation and the more I looked into them the more I saw whiskers and tails come into focus. There's so many layers of BS and problems with it and their motives and end uses of the information seem very suspect to me.

    I commend your ability to parody what would otherwise seem impossible to parody with its so-absurd-it-is-almost-a-self-parody nature. Keep it up.