Sunday, 22 January 2017


Robinson at a refugee shoot yesterday

In another astonishing media fabrication, we can exclusively reveal vile Millennial Woes aka Colin Robinson's plans to exterminate the refugee race. This comes after attending a refugee shoot yesterday in which the vile racist managed 88 kills. This brings his handicap down to 14 under par.

"I could have done more," he boasted vilely, "but I stopped at 88 in memory of the Führer's glorious meeting with the Czech Foreign Minister that began the annexation of Bohemia and Moravia."


But we have news for him. One of the refugees he winged died later of complications in hospital, so take that you vile racist!



Vile Millennial Woes changed his real vile name to Colin Robinson when he became a professional racist, naming himself after the golliwog on the jam jars just to be more offensive. He has also reportedly founded the fascist Purple Shirts paramilitary group with which he intends to take over the world.

Asked about his vile plans for the refugee races when he takes over their countries, he said simply, "Showers, gas and ovens."


  1. Pants...pee'd!! Thank you for this funny (but Vile) recap!

    "89"...OMG!!!...He's gonna be Führerious!

  2. I love it ! The Dairy Mail. Kinda like the Onion here in the States. Satire, sarcasm are useful tools. Keep it up! I hope The Dairy Mail eclipses The Daily Mail into irrelevance.