Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Artist's impression: Have you seen this woman?


Police are investigating after the disappearance of Mike Peinovich's wife yesterday. According to one of their neighbours, a buck-toothed, hooked nosed man with peyot and binoculars, she was last seen in Pernovich's luxury kibbutz in Boro Poark in New Yoark, after having taken a shower and was heading towards the oven.


Peinovich, who had once been known as edgelord Mike Enoch, a host on the Daily Shoah, was exposed the previous weekend as a shekel-loving, shilling, fire-raking shabbot goy, and is believed to have gone completely Barrabbas after reaching Oy Vey! levels of embarrassment at the revelation. Suspicions arose when Peinovich was seen early this morning at a flea market in Riverdale, Bronx, selling homemade soap and lampshades.


We interviewed another of Peinovich's neighbours, who stated: "We Jews are complex people, in fact we're full of complexes. The goyim often do not know how to serve us in the correct way, which can lead to anti-Semitism. It is obvious that his father was a fundamentalist Christian who sexually abused him as a child and that he was unnaturally close to a mother who rejected the freedom given by the 1960s cultural liberation. My secretary will provide your bill for this psychoanalytical analysis of events."


Many have speculated as to what Peinovich's next career move will be if innocent of any wrongdoing and Ju Ju Abrahams is said to be in talks with Peinovich's manager about a leading role as Jek Porkins' son in Star Wars Episode IX.

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