Monday, 16 July 2018


So France are world champions again with an even more diverse team than in 1998. In 1998, we celebrated the fact that five of the starting line-up that beat Brazil were diverse. Now we have gone one better, with six starting players coming from diverse backgrounds and many more on the subs bench.

Croatia's white privilege might have seen them through the match against England, but the referee and video ref made sure that two of France's goals were a triumph for equality and diversity. Griezmann excused his Nazi ethnic background by leaping into the air for the free kick that triggered the first goal. Some commentators said it was almost as good as watching Neymar. But obviously not, because Griezmann is simply not Black enough.

For the second, Croatia showed their bad sportsmanship in contesting the penalty decision and should have played the Black Man. The only controversy was Griezmann using his white privilege to take the penalty, which he scored. An investigation into racism in the team may still be necessary though.

Croatia had begun well, with defender Fùkinnasty Groinič showing commitment to affirmative action by putting the free kick in his own net to give France a head start. Some Black equality groups have felt, however, that this smacked of a typical white patronising attitude in which 'evil whitey be tinkin' dat de Black Man need he charitee.' Black Studies Professor Darkus Niggard stated that the French team did not need an unfair advantage to win and believes Groinič should have been sent off.

The two last goal for France though was a gem, a black gem like.... erm.... like Whitby jet or onyx, only a lot more precious like a really really dark sapphire or a pair of Black testicles. Pogba and Mbappe's goals demonstrated that France should have had more diversity in the team, but trainer Diddler Dechump had obviously discriminated against players of colour and his achievement must be viewed in light of the fact that Jean-Paul Tigana would have gone one better. 

Still, the African dancing on the pitch and celebrations in Paris that saw spirited youths burn several cars and loot various capitalist pigs' shops were a joy to behold.

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