Monday, 30 July 2018


Oksana Shachko's unsuspicious suicide in her plush Parisian apartment paid for by George Soros just months after being purged from the Femen movement has brought tears to many a Ray Banned eye.



Still, as the former Editor of Nuts Magazine 'Big' Pete Niss stated, "At 31, she was getting well past it. Her tits were beginning to sag and it's up to a new generation to help provide adequate funds in the wank-bank for middle-aged bachelors like me. To be fair, it's considerate of her killing herself in the off-season so as not to distract from the footie."

The other members of Femen have announced a parade in commemoration of Oksana's life. The 'Get Yer Tits Out For Soros' demonstration will take place this Saturday and will also celebrate the fact that Femen are completely independent of any male financial backing.

'Big' Pete Niss is looking forward to the event. "Looks like I'll be ruining another good pair of trousers by ripping a hole in the pocket," he said. "I hope there's a good turnout and they keep the lantern-jawed flat-chested munters to the back," he added.

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  1. Free? You'd think she could get at least a few bucks a pop around the back of the massage parlor.