Thursday, 2 February 2017


Kelly "Twilight Sparkle" Osborne



Celebrity crack whore Kelly Osborne is facing a firestorm over comments made back in 2015, when she complained that sending back illegal immigrants would leave her with "no Spics to clean my shitter, thanks to Donald Trump." She apparently feared Trump's new wall would cause a backlog in her bathroom.


Kelly was sporting her new hairstyle to raise awareness for women raped by packs of wild Bronies. Asked if Bronies were a problem, she said, "Kept in their stables, along with the Beaners, they're okay. The Mehikans can then shovel their shit up too. I'm very caring like that. Did I tell you about my trips to the Seychelles, Mauritius and Hawaii to combat AIDS?"


Kelly, now 32, daughter of Ozzy and some talentless Jewess, is no stranger to controversy, having reportedly had an Aboriginal personal slave while on the panel of Australia's Got Talent....and Shit Beer. She is expected to whip out the Holocaust card any day now and force any critics into making apologies.



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