Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Filthy: Judd Mick


Tributes have been sliding in after the death of popular Northern clubland singer Judd Mick at the age of 52 from a bum-banditry-related disease. Mick, who was born Giorgios Milo Flopadikupmiars in Greece, where they invented that sort of thing, leaves behind a gaping hole in the entertainment industry.


Some say that Judd Mick was at the back-end of his career, but his one-time collaborator Andrew Wrigly disagrees: "He had so much more to give and had not yet bottomed out. I tried to keep him on the straight and narrow, but when he left me, I was afraid of this massive cock-up, " he said. He stopped there, overcome with emotion and running out of innuendos and euphemisms.



The news came as a blow to Sir Ben Elton John, who gobbled down a few extra Daraprims with his Prozac. "I'm completely smacked off my tits at the news," he stated.


Ladrokes have now given these latest odds for the next celebrity to go:

Holly Johnson 2/1

Boy George 3/1

Marc almond 3/1

Jimmy Somerville 5/l

Andy Bell 6/1

Tom Cruise 33/1

LGBTJQ+ activists were concerned by the lack of heterosexual celebrities on the list. 


"Well, that's a first. Anyway, I have it on good authority that the Grim Reaper is committed to equal opportunities. I am against any form of stereotyping," a Ladbrokes spokesman said laconically in a Northern accent, leaning on the bar with a pint in his hand.


Rick Parfitt declined to comment.

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